Sketch PAD PEN +GEAR  (50 Sheets 22.9cm*30.5cm   )

Sketch PAD PEN +GEAR (50 Sheets 22.9cm*30.5cm )

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Create your works of art on this Pen Sketch Pad. Professional artists and doodlers can use this pad to create a final drawing or to practice their drawing skills with a variety of materials. Whether you're using charcoal, colored pencils, ink pens or pastels, this paper sketch pad has a medium weight stock to handle your artwork. Use it in the art studio or take it to a special location to work. The paper is thin and sturdy enough to handle a number of drawing utensils, or place it on an interesting surface to create a rubbing. The pad contains 50 9" W x 12" H sheets providing you with enough material to hone your technique before you complete the finished masterpiece.