Sales Order Book ADAMS  (50 CARBONLESS SETS)


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Adams Sales Order Books provide a professional 3-part carbonless invoice. Give customers the perforated white top copy. Keep the canary and pink copies for your departments. A wraparound back cover tucks between pages so you don't write through multiple sets. Blank space in the header leaves room for a company stamp. Unique 6-digit receipt numbers help you locate orders.

3-Part Carbonless Order Book (white, canary, pink). Bound wraparound cover. 50 Sets per book. 5-9/16" x 8-7/16".

Ideal for Small Businesses
: Adams Sales Order Books allow you to give customers a professional record of their purchase.

Personalize It: Use the blank space up top to customize your orders. A company stamp or label works for a fraction of the cost of custom printing.

Keep the Details: Forms provide customer information, shipping address, salesperson, payment type, and the price and quantities of items ordered.

Wraparound Divider: The back cover folds beneath your pages so you don't write through sets.

Make Every Purchase Unique: Give customers a numbered order that makes it easier to locate your duplicate. A large 6-digit number in the upper right-hand corner lets you flip to the right transaction.