Pencil Sharpener (DELI)
Pencil Sharpener (DELI)

Pencil Sharpener (DELI)

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Accommodates standard-size round, triangular and hexagonal hardcore colored and graphite pencils.

Cutter assembly may be removed to take out broken leads.

Adjustable free can cut 7-12mm Diameter Pencil

If you use improper or cut color pencil,it is easy to cause the core block the knife。Contrarotate twist knife part you can take it out to remove the the core with a pin.

WARNING! - This pencil sharpener is not a toy. It is a tool to sharpen woodcased pencils.

It is unsuitable for children under age 5 because it has a sharp rotary cutter inside the housing. Oftentimes, very young children are as curious as older, more careful children about how things work.

They may figure out how to open this sharpener thereby exposing themselves to injury.